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  • What is Science Olympiad?

    Science Olympiad is composed of 23 competitive science events. The great aspect about Science Olympiad is that it allows for a diverse array of events, that I would categorize as Testing events, Strategy Events, Practice Events, and Building events. Team members get exposed to a higher degrees of rigor. On the high school level (C Division), the events strive to be at a freshman college level. Waller High School will have one team composed of 15 members each.

    What does it take to be a Science Olympiad?
    Being in Science Olympiad is a passion and if you have it then you are destined to be a success whether that means beating your scores from previous practice or actually placing in the events.

    Studying, practicing, or trial and error is essential, whether it is on your own, with a partner, in a group or as a team.

    Another key factor that helps our teams in Science Olympiad is team support. Students must show their determination but when you look at the very successful teams, there is always great support to motivate and encourage.

    Are there scholarship opportunities?
    Scholarship opportunities are available once your team reaches the higher level of competition but Science Olympiad is an excellent addition to academic activities for college entrance.

    When do they compete?
    Through the year, our teams will be competing in Invitationals (practice competitions), Regional (in order place to State), State (in order place to Nationals) then to Nationals (if they advance from the State competition, and it's where scholarships can be awarded).

    Words from the Science Olympiad Coach
    I have seen students shine in class, but when coaching Science Olympiad, I have seen students have pride not only for themselves but for their teammates. One of my teams had a young lady that was very passionate and it showed in her consistent medaling. While at a regional competition, we were walking back to our bus with feelings of success, but she made me realize how much it affected her. I asked her, " Are you crying?" She said with no shyness,"Yes, I am just so happy and relieved that the other students in our team were able to know what it feels to win and be successful after all their hard work." That took me back and made me realize that it is not just competition but also a team...a family.

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