• All employees are required to complete the Resignation/Retirement Process as soon as possible. Under the Texas Education Code, contract employees are required to resign no later than 45 days before the first day of instruction for the school year. 

    The Exit Process consists of....

    1. Written notice to immediate supervisor. Notice must include a signature.
    2. Complete Exit Employee Questionnaire to share ways to improve the district. 
    3. Complete Exit Questionnaire or Retiree Questionnaire to communicate how to process your last check.
    4. Records Request to receive transcripts and / or service records. End of year service records will be ready for pick up on July 17, 2023.
    5. If retiring, contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778 and set up a meeting with them, if possible.
      1. Request retirement package
      2. TRS 7 form will be sent by TRS to Waller ISD payroll electronically and payroll will complete it after the last payroll check
    6. If needed, contact Angie Campbell Pullido at acampbellpulido@wallerisd.net to request a meeting.
    7. Employee Access will remain open for future need of documents.

    This process is very important and if not completed, the last payroll check will be held pending completion.