• All employees are required to complete the Resignation/Retirement Process, as soon as possible. 

     Exit Process consists of....

    1. Written notice to immediate supervisor. Notice must include a signature. 

    2. Print  Exit Interview Form

    a. Complete and turn into campus secretary for signature on your last day of work.

    i. all district equipment (e.g. uniforms, phone, fob, keys) must be turned in to your campus secretary

    b. Original Form to HR after last day of work

    3. Complete Exit Employee Questionnaire to share ways to improve the district.  

    4. Complete Exit Questionnaire or Retiree Questionnaire to communicate how to process your last check. 

    5. Records Request to receive transcripts and / or service records. End of year service records will be processed in July. 

    6. If retiring, contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778

    a. Request retirement package

    b. Turn in TRS 7 form to HR Department. 

    c. TRS 7 form will be completed (by HR) and mailed to TRS after the last payroll check

    7. If needed, contact Mike Brooks at mbrooks@wallerisd.net to request a meeting


    This process is very important and if not completed, the last payroll check will be held pending completion.