Jim Phillips  Athletic Director  936.372.4095
 Diana Jones  Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director  936.372.4095
 Gene Johnson  Boy's Athletic Coordinator  936.931.0354
 Nekisha Durham  Girl's Athletic Coordinator  936.372.3654
 Cherian "Prissy" Hancock  Campus Athletic Secretary  936.931.0354
 Chris "Doc" Aguilar  Head Athletic Trainer  936.372.3654 ext. 2036
 Ashley Enneking  Assistant Athletic Trainer  936.372.3654 ext. 2037
 Earl Claiborne  Head Boy's Basketball Coach  
 Kevin Daigle  Assistant Boy's Basketball Coach  
 Bryce Hebert  Assistant Boy's Basketball Coach  
 Jonathon Randle  Assistant Boy's Basketball Coach  
 Isaac Wright  Assistant Boy's Basketball Coach  
 Nekisha Durham  Head Girl's Basketball Coach  
 Mykayla Alewine  Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach  
 Karyl Bitting  Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach  
 Chris Simmons  Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach  
 Rodney Loewe  Head Baseball Coach  
 TJ Dillon  Assistant Baseball Coach  
 Eric Geigley  Assistant Baseball Coach  
 Tim Spradlin  Assistant Baseball Coach  
 Fred Williams  Head Cross Country Coach  
 Casey Winans  Assistant Cross Country Coach  
 Gene Johnson  Head Football Coach  936.931.0354
 Kyle Abshire  Kickers and Specialist  
 Earl Claiborne  Freshman Defensive Backs  
 TJ Dillon  Tackles and Tight Ends  
 Eric Geigley  Freshman Head Coach and Defensive Line  
 Bryce Hebert  Linebackers  
 Lark Hebert  Defensive Coordinator  
 Brian Ibanez  Freshman Offensive Line  
 Robert Lanier  Quarterbacks  
 Anthony Limon  Defensive Ends  
 Rodney Loewe  Freshman Offensive Skill  
 Timon Marshall  Corners  
 Deveon McKinney  Co-Offensive Coordinator - Centers and Guards  
 Marcus Mendoza  Co-Offensive Coordinator - Running Backs  
 Jonathon Randle  Wide Receivers  
 Tim Spradlin  Safeties  
 Evroy Thompson  Defensive Line  
 Gary VanSant  Freshman Defensive Linebackers  
 Shane Crawford  Head Golf Coach  
 Lise DeBruin  Assistant Girl's Golf Coach  
 Deveon McKinney  Head Powerlifting Coach  
 Marcus Mendoza  Assistant Powerlifting Coach  
 Raul Martinez  Head Boy's Soccer Coach  
 Victor Garcia Pedraza  Assistant Boy's Soccer Coach  
 Brian Ibanez  Assistant Boy's Soccer Coach  
 Kyle Abshire  Head Girl's Soccer Coach  
 Casey Winans  Assistant Girl's Soccer Coach  
 Lise DeBruin  Head Softball Coach  
 Karyl Bitting  Assistant Softball Coach  
 Kevin Daigle  Assistant Softball Coach  
 Jamie DeBruin  Assistant Softball Coach  
 Amy Aschenbeck  Head Tennis Coach  
 Timon Marshall  Head Boy's Track Coach  
 Robert Lanier  Assistant Boy's Track Coach  
 Anthony Limon  Assistant Boy's Track Coach  
 Gary VanSant  Assistant Boy's Track Coach  
 Fred Williams  Head Girl's Track Coach  
 Isaac Wright  Assistant Girl's Track Coach  
 Chris Simmons  Head Volleyball Coach  
 Mykayla Alewine  Assistant Volleyball Coach  
 Jamie DeBruin  Assistant Volleyball Coach  
 Jeni Muehr  Assistant Volleyball Coach  
 Evroy Thompson  Head Wrestling Coach  
 Robert Lanier  Assistant Wrestling Coach