• The purpose of T-TESS is to improve planning, instruction, the learning environment, and professional practices and responsibilities so that the refinement of each teacher’s craft leads to improved performance.

    T-TESS aligns with the Texas Teacher Standards (TAC, Chapter 149, Section 149.1001) and is intended to be used for continuous professional growth through ongoing feedback and support which results in refinement of knowledge, skills, and practices that ultimately impact student performance. The recommended system encourages annual evaluations comprised of multiple informal observations and walk-throughs and at least one formal observation. These collective observations, along with the end-of-year conferences with appraisers, provide actionable, timely feedback, allowing teachers to make efficient, contextually based PD decisions that lead to growth that impacts student performance.

    T-TESS includes three components:
    • Goal-setting and professional development plan
    • The evaluation cycle (including: pre-conference, observation, post-conference)
    • Student growth measure

    The Appraisal Calendar provides an overview of the timelines established and approved for Waller ISD.

    For more information regarding the T-TESS process, visit Teach for Texas.