Waller Jr. High Girls Basketball

    "Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best." -- Tim Duncan

    What we expect from Lady Bulldog Basketball Team:

    • To give your best effort everyday.
    • To achieve academic excellence.
    • To display integrity and character.
    • To be on time and communicate.
    • To accept responsibility for your own choices.

    What you can expect from the Lady Bulldog Coaches:

    • To treat your daughter like our daughter
    • To be positive, energetic and enthusiastic. To make athletics fun.
    • To display integrity and character at all times.
    • To be committed to being the best coaches and teachers of the game.
    • To teach life lessons.
    Expectations of Parents:
    • Understanding that winning is not everything.
    • Encourage her to work hard and do her best!
    • Be Positive with your daughter!
    • Insist on good grades!
    • Be a good fan in the stands!

    Waller Jr. High Boy's Basketball

    The goal of the Boys' Basketball program at Waller Jr. High is to train players in the fundamentals of the game.  We believe that players must master the basic skills of basketball before they are able to move to the next level.  We work daily with our players on dribbling, passing and rebounding.  Our young men are taught that hard work leads to improvement and success on the court.  As coaches, we believe it is our job to prepare these players to be successful on the high school level.

    All basketball players at Waller Jr. High are instructed to be students first and basketball players second.  Our coaching staff closely monitors the players to make sure that they are taking care of their business in the classroom as well as on the court.  Poor attitudes, low grades and bad behavior are frowned upon and consequences are enforced by our staff to get our players back on the right track.  We want our young men to be leaders in the school and to take their academics seriously. 

    7th and 8th can be a very frustrating period for boys.  There is a great deal of physical development that comes during this time in their lives.  Some begin adolescence earlier than others and this can create significant physical differences in terms of height, size, and strength.  As coaches, we understand that this is happening.  This is why we stress teaching the fundamentals of the game to our players.  Our job is to prepare the young men of Waller Junior High to be ready to compete at the high school level in the very near future.