2023-24 WJH Cross Country


    The five S's of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.
    -Ken Doherty


    • A positive training environment where all team members are encouraged to excel and give their best!
    • A family atmosphere where every team member feels welcome and differing personalities are allowed to develop and thrive.
    • A helpful environment where team members can ask for and receive help from each other and their coaches.
    • A strong Team that makes all members better as individuals.
    • A sense of purpose and commitment to each other and the goals of the team and individuals.
    • Assisting in the development of a championship mentality or athletic maturity.

    What Parents need to know about Cross Country:

    Parents are our #1 supporters!

    Please continue to help by:

    1. Picking up your student/athlete from practice on time. We appreciate your promptness.
    2. Uniforms:  Our School provides each runner with a maroon jersey tank top and maroon running shorts.  The runner will wear the uniform at each meet.  The runner is NOT ALLOWED to wear any part of the uniform to school during the day.  If we have cool weather (it is rare) it is permitted to wear a solid color (no print on it) black t-shirt under the maroon jersey while competing.  
    3. Encourage your child to drink water during the day, before and after practice.  The entire season will be hot.  Hydration is very important to having a successful running experience.  Always make sure your child brings water to every practice.  We will give reminders for a couple of weeks and after that a runner without water will not be allowed to run in a practice.
    4. Make sure your child gets good nutrition and rest!!  Running, the start of a new school year, mental and physical growth, all takes its toll on the student/athlete.  Consistent eating & sleeping habits will provide your child with the health for success in all that they do.
    5. Talk with your child about CC.  Ask your runner for information about upcoming meets/events. Please check the website for all information.  If the runner misses practice THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for asking the coaches for the information they may have missed.  
    • Where is your Student/athlete?: Help us keep track of all of the runners at a meet: Bus transportation is provided by Waller ISD to and from each meet, but if you will be transporting your child in your car, home from a meet, please sign your child out with a coach.  If a child is riding home with another student’s parent, the parent MUST sign a release form prior to the meet.  Again, the parent MUST sign a release sheet to have the child released to them at the meet.  This is to assure that the parent HAS the child in their custody when they leave.  It let's us document that we have seen the parent, and the child has left with the parent.