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    Tennis is an afterschool spring sport for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls who have an updated physical and want to learn about the fundamentals of tennis.  Tennis is a complex and exciting game of endurance and skilled sportsmanship played either individually or with a doubles partner.  During after school practice, athletes focus on a variety of tennis skills including a basic forehand, backhand, volleying at the net and an accurate serve.  In a sport where speed and stamina can make the difference in the outcome of a game, we also focus on strength and conditioning incorporating drills for ball control and footwork.  Matches are usually played on Tuesdays during the week in months of April and May.

    Spring 2023 Tennis Schedule   

    Players are only allowed to play 2 matches if not enough players on team.              


    • Max-10 boys and 10 girls to bring to matches.                                      
    • Time matches start - 4:00p.m.                                        
    • One set - First to 6 games. Scores should be one of the following: 6-0,6-1,6-2,6-3,6-4,or 6-5.                                        
    • No Ad Scoring.                                        
    • Five minute warm up.                                        
    • Teams will start off playing the 4 Singles (boys and girls), then 2 Doubles (boys and girls), and last 2 Mixed Doubles.                              
    • Leave the balls on the court and do not walk behind the court while players are playing.                                        

    Tennis Etiquette                                        

    • Scoring…Call the score after every point (server). If there is a disagreement, go to the net quietly and talk back through the game..If you still disagree, go back to where you agree.                                    
    • Line Calls…Make calls instantly, be decisive, call loudly.                                        
    • The ball is in….if any part touches the line.                                       

    Be responsible for your actions!
    Practice sportsmanship in all situations. 

    Players may not be coached by anyone during the match except the coaches.              

    Directions to away games

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