SJH Student Council

  • ImageEvery Thursday the members of Student Council collect items to be recycled from each classroom, library, etc. Once it is collected, it is boxed up and placed in a temporary storage room. From there, heavy boxes are loaded into a van, which then is taken to the recycling bin that is located near the Auxiliary Stadium. It is a process, but is worth it considering how much waste we keep out of the landfills.

    SJH Student Council Gives Back!
    Slideshow: Stu Co Service Trip

    SJH student council went on their third annual Service Trip on Friday. Student council members purchased gifts to give to the elderly. They also passed out prizes to those that guessed their charades correctly. Paxton Gardner played the piano for the residence. They also taught them how to "dab".....It was pretty cute. We stopped by Zube park for cleanup and fun. While there, some of the StuCo 7th graders played with some elementary kids from a private school (so sweet).  Lastly, we helped straighten up clothes, shoes, etc. at WARM. It was a busy day, but so rewarding!