2nd Grade

  • We are building excellent readers in 2nd grade through our Rooted in Reading, Reader's Workshop and Guided Reading Programs. These programs provide a way for students to dive deep into fiction and nonfiction texts learning about everything from The Invisible Boy, to Legend of the Poinsettia, to Stone Soup. Not only do students continue to learn how to read through phonics, but they also work hard on developing comprehension skills such as summarizing, retelling, identifying cause and effect, main idea, and problem and solution.

    Second graders also participate in Writer's Workshop to develop their writing skills. Students write small moment stories, persuasive letters, how to books, poems, and even study an author's craft and use it in their own writing. 
    In math, we expect students to master addition and subtraction along with regrouping using mental strategies and algorithms.  The students also begin learning important math concepts such as: multiplication and division facts, fractions, measurement, time and money.
    Science and Social Studies are big components of the 2nd grade curriculum. In Science, the students perform hands on experiments to understand science concepts.  In Social Studies, we develop concepts of time and chronology and how technology has advanced. Students also learn about how our government works. We study the significance of important holidays along with how other cultures have shaped our community.
     Our goals for students are to have a 90 percent passing rate on the end of year math and reading benchmarks, but mostly just to embrace a love for learning.