• “Where Little Things Count!”
    We are excited to share our experience and enthusiasm for teaching with the parents of Holleman’s Kindergarten students. For a combined total of over sixty-five years of teaching experience, our Kindergarten staff has demonstrated a love of teaching through knowledge, patience, and expertise.
    Our goal is to assist our parents in helping our students achieve their highest learning potential, while making learning enjoyable and fun. We love and appreciate volunteers, and encourage parents to become active members of our learning community.
    The kindergarten experience is a very exciting one at Holleman Elementary! The teachers strive for excellence and work diligently to make sure each student is cared for and taught in his or her own special way.

    Kindergarten students work hard, and most are able to read, write stories, and do simple addition and subtraction problems before moving on to first grade.
    We work together as a team; we love our students, and are proud to say that
    “Holleman is a Great Place to Learn and Grow”