Welcome to 3rd Grade

  • Our third grade team is dedicated to teaching all subjects to all students through each different learning style- visual, auditory, and tactile. We help to create well-rounded children that will someday shape our future.

    The students learn reading skills such as finding the main idea, using context clues, inferencing, distinguishing fact and opinion, and different genres.  We implement the Reader’s Workshop framework and do our best to create lifelong readers.

    In math, we learn using manipulatives, short videos, small group instruction and fun hands-on activities.  We learn foundational skills such as 2 and 3 digit addition and subtractions, multiplication, telling time, reading a graph, number and timelines, and word problems.  

    In social studies, we learn about the makeup and the importance of communities.  We then take the opportunity to explore other communities through the internet and letters we have written and received from various places.  The students enjoy creating a binder with information learned about different communities and other regions in the United States.

    In science, we create an interactive science notebook where students reflect on their own learning.  We learn about lab safety, measuring with different units, classifying matter, states of matter, magnetism, the solar system, natural resources, living organisms and their environments, adaptations of plants and animals, and inherited traits.