Degrees and Certifications:

Social Studies 6-8, 7-12

Mr. David Bessette

I approach teaching with the goal of growing a desire for learning and a curiosity of the world outside of a student's current experiences. I try to demonstrate the importance of whatever I bring into the classroom so students can realize that history is more than just names and dates and contains important lessons and patterns that can be used as a lens for current events. I love to watch students grow and come to appreciate history as much as I do. 
I'm a Texas native who went to Sam Houston State University where I ultimately pursued a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Political Science - the history teacher thing just kind of happened. I started teaching in 2014 - 1 year in Korea as an English Teacher, 1-year teaching adult learners, and then 4 years teaching US History at the 11th grade level in Bryan ISD. I was married in July of 2019 and have two cats and a dog. When not working, I enjoy travel, hiking, and gaming.