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Waller Junior High has PRIDE

Photo of Waller Junior High Pride Waller Junior High (WJH) students have a new schoolmate. In the first week of school students were introduced to PRIDE, a two feet tall, plush bulldog. Principal Tanya Carrejo brought in the stuffed animal to build a more energetic atmosphere in the school. PRIDE was originally meant to be shared among classrooms, but after seeing students’ reactions, Carrejo decided to keep him so all students can see and enjoy him on a daily basis.

“I brought him out of my office and students immediately lit up, wanting to hold and touch him,” Carrejo said. “It makes you want to smile when you see how quick students are to embrace PRIDE.”

Since his debut, PRIDE has quickly become a school favorite. Throughout the day Carrejo takes him out to visit students in hallways and classrooms. In the mornings, students and staff are welcomed with a special good morning from the bulldog and hugs. At lunch, they take turns having PRIDE as a companion at each table.

“I am looking to add excitement and bulldog pride into the campus,” Carrejo said. “I wasn’t sure how well PRIDE would be received by my kids, but they love him and that makes me smile.”

Carrejo is looking to continue building a positive attitude within the school by providing more student incentives that relate to school pride. The incentives focus on improving social, emotional, and academic support for all students. Carrejo’s next goal is to incorporate PRIDE into the Student of the Week awards.