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Schultz Junior High Prepares for Competition

Photo of Schultz Junior High School students

W.C. Schultz Junior High (SJH) students are hard at work preparing for upcoming competitions. During the school’s advisory period, students participating in Advanced Academics such as Gifted and Talented (GT), UIL, and Odyssey of the Mind are brought together for practice. They participate in daily challenges, take virtual academic contests, and work on their presentations for the year during their time together. This year there are 80 GT students and roughly 200 UIL students at SJH.

New this year, SJH students have an opportunity to participate in an activity called shadow storytelling. Students tell stories by casting their shadows onto a screen to create scenes out of their silhouettes. Throughout the process, student work together to decide on what story they will tell, choreography, and music.

“We decided to include shadow stories because it is a new, exciting way for students to think outside the box and practice working as a group to come up with solutions,” Theater Arts Teacher Kimberly Edwards said.

In an effort to better help students prepare, Waller ISD made some changes to the schedules of secondary campuses. In previous years, advisory period was set at the same time across all secondary campuses, but this year they have been switched to different times. This change allows Advanced Academics Coordinator Scotty Johnson to visit each school to advise students on a daily basis. This is another step to achieving the goal of building the strongest Advanced Academics Program in Texas public schools.