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SJH Choir Competes in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest

Photo of Schultz Junior High choir students

Oct. 26, Schultz Junior High (SJH) hosted the Region 27 West Side UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest. Nineteen SJH students participated and 16 of those earned the top rating of Superior (Division I). Students who received Superior ratings were Tajah Thorpe, Havannah Sierra, Kaitlyn Owens, Semaj Davis, Prizila Perez, Alyssa Rutter, Trinity Walpole, Grace Burman, Mason Chung, Katelynn Chung, Angelika Herrera, Zaylee Longoria, Krystal D’Leon, Lily Valencia, Shyla Wells, and Payton Mamerow.

In addition to evaluating individual ratings, each judge chooses Outstanding Performers based on tone, technique, and musicianship. Congratulations to Katelynn Chung, Mason Chung, and Kaitlyn Owens for earning this honor.

“I'm very proud of all the work they put into their songs,” SJH Choir Director Donna Baskin said. “I know exactly what my students are capable of...What makes me the most proud, is when I see how they conduct themselves and they don't see me watching.”

To prepare for the competition, each student worked with Baskin to pick a song from a competition-approved list that would be best suit their skill then rehearsed using sheet music and a practice recording of the vocal and accompanying music. During class time students worked with pianist Simon Ruth to perfect their vocals with live accompaniment. Before the competition, students performed their selections for their classmates to score. The in-class performances provided an opportunity for students to become both better vocalists and listeners.