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Students of the Week

Congratulations to our Students of the Week!

Eighth grader, Emilio Tellez Rodriquez was nominated by Angela McCain
Seventh grader, Eva Bradley was nominated by Coach Harrison
Seventh grader, Gitzel Sanchez was nominated by Mrs. Brooks
Eighth grader, Joshua Simpson was nominated by Mrs. Bennett
Seventh grader, Lidia Saucedo was nominated by Ms. Schuetze
Sixth grader, Madison Mccain was nominated by Ms. Ewing
Seventh grader, Nerey Cortez was nominated by Mrs. Hill
Sixth grader, Rylee Griffin was nominated by Mrs. Bennett
Sixth grader, Sabrin Bange was nominated by Ms. Ewing
Eighth grader, Terecelia Gonzalez was nominated by Angela McCain
Sixth grader, Trinity Prince was nominated by Mrs. Gardner
Seventh grader, Braedan Heath (not pictured) was nominated by Ms. Lovelace

We are proud of these students and how they hard they are working! This is what makes SJH great!!!!