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WISD Rodeo Art Show Winners

Ismael Loredo

 Nicholas Shepherd

Ismael Loredo
Holleman Elementary 

 Nicholas Shepherd
Roberts Road Elementary

Alessandra Carvajal

Arianna Lin

Waller High School students

 Alessandra Carvajal
Schultz Junior High

Arianna Lin
Waller Junior High

Left to right: Sollis, Agha, Resecker, Struck, Coronado, Knaier, Theiss, Cepeda, and Badillo
Waller High School

Artwork from 13 Waller ISD students has been recognized by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Students began working on their artwork to present to the School Art Judging Committee in November. The panel of judges selected the top pieces of work to represent the district dividing them into three categories, Best of Show, Gold Medal, and Special Merit. Best of Show artwork goes on to compete against every Best of Show entry for State Titles. All artwork will go on to the Grand Prix round of judging and will be on display at the Hayloft Gallery for the duration of the Rodeo. Congratulations to these students for their #WISDgreatness!

Best of Show
Nicholas Shepherd - Roberts Road Elementary
Arianna Lin - Waller Junior High
Pauline Knaier - Waller High School (WHS)
Gracie Theiss - WHS
Drew Sollis - WHS

Gold Medal
Ismael Loredo - Holleman Elementary
Alessandra Carvajal - Schultz Junior High
Deysi Lopez Cepeda - WHS
Amber Struck - WHS
Adrian Badillo - WHS
Brookelynn Resecker - WHS

Special Merit
Munder Agha - WHS
Alexandra Coronado - WHS