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FSE Delivers Greatness to Classrooms

FSE Walk of GreatnessFields Store Elementary (FSE) is hosting special visitors and sharing classroom instruction during its “Walk of Greatness” events. The idea of the walks is to invite off-campus visitors who play an important role in helping support the school and its students to observe the impact they have in everyday teaching and learning. 

The campus plans to host a Walk of Greatness at least twice a semester and invite guests including board members, district-level staff, and community partners. This month’s Walk of Greatness consisted of WISD Board President David Kaminski and Trustee Bryan Lowe, Chief Financial Officer Audrey Ambridge, Director of State and Federal Programs Angie Campbell-Pulido, Fellowship at Field Store Church representative Fonda Goode, and C&C Sports representatives Zach Zorn and Chase Murray. The event was led by FSE Instructional Facilitator Brittany Murray and supported by FSE Counselor Sonya Meldahl.

“We want those who support our schools from off-campus to truly see and feel the impact they have on students and staff during daily instruction,” Murray said.

Prior to touring classrooms, the special guests were given sticky notes to write down a celebration ofFSE Walk of Greatness greatness they observed as well as “I Notice and I Wonder” worksheets to note any questions or needs. They visited the classrooms of FSE teachers Brenda Parker (pre-k), Sandra Caballero (1st grade), and Kimberly Kmiec (3rd grade). In the classrooms, the walk team greeted students, watched how the classes functioned, and the interactions between teachers and students. After their Walk of Greatness, the special guests met with FSE leadership to discuss celebrations and findings. The feedback was then shared with the teachers. 

“Allowing key stakeholders to see the amazing things happening in our classrooms energizes students in continuing their efforts to support staff and students in all areas. They are able to see the impact of the seemingly small things they do off campus,” Murray said. “The walk also gave our teachers a chance to shine, hear positive feedback, and feel the support of the walk team, directly!”