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Holleman Elementary Stresses the Importance of Reading

Photo of Holleman Elementary Family Literacy Night I.T. Holleman Elementary School (HES) is helping foster a love for reading and learning through its Family Literacy Night. This year’s theme was “Christmas Around the World.” Each grade level shared a different country’s Christmas traditions. Leading up to the night, classrooms created decorations that were tied to their specific country.

“My main goal is to always model a love for reading,” HES Reading Interventionist Jami Macha said. “This night shows students how fun and exciting reading can be as they learn.”

Upon arrival, families were given passports to be stamped as they visited each country in designated classrooms. In classrooms, families celebrated each country with a story and activity focused on local traditions. In Germany, students learned about the Christmas Pickle. As legend has it, a pickle ornament is placed on the tree and the first child to find it on Christmas Eve will have good luck and receives an extra gift. Families were also encouraged to visit the school’s book fair to further a love for reading at home.

“Family Literacy Night is a very positive tradition at Holleman,” HES Principal Michael Skinner said. “It is a great night to share literacy while learning different cultures around the world.”

As a special gift, after students visited all countries they turned in their passports for a free book. Completed passports were also used in a raffle for prizes the following day.