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Holleman Elementary Tours Downtown Waller

Photo of Holleman Elementary students at the post office If you visited downtown Waller on April 25 you may have noticed a lot more visitors than usual. Second-grade students from I.T. Holleman Elementary (HES) were participating in the school’s annual Walk Around Waller field trip that allows students the opportunity to visit local businesses to learn about the community. The idea for the walk began when several HES second-grade teachers discussed the possibility of taking students on a walking tour of town due to the school’s proximity to downtown Waller. Students visited the Melanee Smith Memorial Library, Wells Fargo Bank, Waller City Hall, Waller Police Department, Post Office, and ended with students enjoying lunch at the Waller City Park.

“We want our students to know and understand all the jobs that it takes for a community to work together,” HES Teacher Flor Hernandez said.

At each stop students were taught about different occupations and the role each business plays in the community. At the library, students read books and discussed how books can teach them life lessons.
Wells Fargo representatives spoke about the history of the bank and how it contributed to the advancement of mail delivery. At the post office, students were shown how mail is sorted and delivered, and were tasked with learning how to address mail.

Teachers also used the trip as a learning opportunity inside their classrooms. Social studies teachers taught students what a community is and about the people who work in it. Students also had a writing assignment where they selected a community worker to write about and detail why is it their favorite. Wells Fargo employees visited the school to show how their banking lesson is applicable to math Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).