• SJH Band Future Bulldogs

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Schultz Bulldog Band program! We have made this page to provide helpful information and hopefully answer some questions you may have as you begin to make decisions about junior high! It is important to understand that Beginner Band is a 6th grade course.

    Steps for signing up for Band:

    1. Select band as your first elective choice when filling out your schedule for 6th grade.  Once the directors have your name and information, you will receive a phone call regarding the next step in the process.

    2. The second step is called a fitting.  It takes place in January when the interested student plus parent visit us together one evening here at Schultz to try the different instruments to determine which one they like the most.

    3. Third, once the student has chosen their best instrument, the band director will work with the counselor to place the student in the correct class for next year.

    4. Finally, the parent will rent the chosen instrument through either a music store or the school, depending on the instrument.  The music stores are available the night of the fitting.

    Click here for the recommended equipment/instrument list. 


    Here's what every parent needs to know about joining band at Schultz Junior High...

    • No prior musical training is necessary.
    • Band students at Schultz are also involved in all sports teams offered at SJH, cheer, NJHS, student council, GT, Pre-AP, and other organizations.
    • Participation in the band program, in many cases, has proven to be a tremendous incentive for maintaining a good academic record.
    • Self-discipline develops with the mastery of a musical instrument.
    • Unlike elementary music, band is a class that is taught every day to achieve maximum playing potential as quickly as possible.
    • Private lessons are available, encouraged and highly recommended. Please see the Private Lessons tab above for more information.
    • Initially we suggest that you rent an instrument rather than purchase one. Select school instruments are available for only $45 per year. Please visit with a director for questions.