Student Assessment

  • Schultz Junior High students are assessed each year on the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) in 6-8 gr. Math, 6-8 gr. Reading, 7th gr. Writing, 8th gr. Science, and 8th gr. Social Studies.

    The Student Success Initiative (SSI) is a grade-advancement requirement for 8th graders that helps to ensure on grade level achievement in Reading and Math before students can advance to the 9th grade.  Students in an SSI grade are allowed three opportunities to meet standard on the TAKS test.

    In order to prepare SJH students for these assessments, we administer benchmark tests throughout the year.  These tests allow us to simulate the testing environment of STAAR, analyze student data to inform our classroom instruction, and pinpoint individual student curriculum needs.  You will find exact dates for benchmark tests on the SJH Testing Calendar under important links.

    Important Links


    Texas Education Agency
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