• Waller ISD Launches 2022 Long-Range Planning Committee
    Waller ISD (WISD) has launched work with its 2022 Long-Range Planning Committee. The committee’s purpose is to review needs for school buildings, buses, technology, and more in order to best serve the needs of our students, staff, and community in the future. 

    As you travel WISD’s 328 square miles, especially on the east side of the district along HWY 290, FM 2920, and SH 99, it’s easy to see new development that will translate to a rapid increase in student enrollment in the coming school years. To help gain perspective, WISD’s neighbor, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, is approximately 185 square miles and has an enrollment of approximately 117,000 students. In less than one year, WISD has grown by approximately 670 students; enough to fill a whole elementary school. WISD’s total enrollment is now over 8,400 students and growing.

    “It is important for us to embrace change and welcome our new neighbors so that we can lead our development and make the best decisions for all of our students, both present and future,” one committee member said. “We have to be informed and work together. What WISD did in 2019 for our kids was amazing. This (the 2022 Long-Range Planning Committee) is an opportunity for us to continue to make great decisions for our kids.”

    The 2019 bond package was overwhelmingly approved by voters and primarily addressed school needs for high school and junior high. The district’s next bond package is expected to address elementary overcrowding and school needs as well as auxiliary facilities, buses, and technology infrastructure that accommodate for the district’s rapid growth and changing needs. 

    “The 2019 bond allowed us to strategically plan for future growth in a way that allows us to steadily build and take care of our students without impacting our community’s tax rate,” WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran said. “We’re blessed to have partnerships with our schools, community, and advisors that allow us to lead Waller ISD into the future and serve our students with outstanding accommodations. It’s about honoring our history, keeping our Waller ISD family feel, continuing personalized education for kids, and embracing our future. I’m really proud of what we’re accomplishing for our students.”

    The 2022 Long-Range Planning Committee is made up of a representative group of community members, parents, students, and staff. Many of the committee members have volunteered to continue their work from the 2019 Bond Committee and others have volunteered or been recommended to district leadership. 

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