Track and Field Lady Bulldogs Team Goals:
    • As a team we will develop a strong, positive team spirit and respect for oneself and your fellow teammates.
    • As a team, we will strive for the highest level of success that our talents will allow us to achieve.
    • As a team, we will support our individual members as they strive for athletic excellence.
    • As a team, we will cope with both success and adversity in a manner that is consistent with the Waller Junior High moral and ethical standards.
    Lady Bulldog Individual Goals:
    • The student-athlete in the Waller Junior High Track and Field program will: Model values that are consistent with the Waller tradition.
    • Support their teammates and the whole of the Track and Field program in the pursuit of athletic excellence.
    • Enjoy the experience in participating in a team structure and contributing their talents to a larger whole.
    • Learn the importance of setting goals and the discipline, hard work, and commitment that is necessary to achieve these goals.
    • Learn to graciously manage both success and adversity in a manner that is consistent with the Waller moral and ethical standards.
    Parent Goals:
    • Parents involved in the Waller Track and Field program will: Understand and participate in the philosophy, goals, and objectives of both the Track and Field program and the broader Waller community.
    • Support the team through positive reinforcement of their student/athlete efforts as well as those of their teammates and coaches.
    • Develop and demonstrate an understanding that their student/athlete is part of a team and that team goals take precedence over individual goals.
    • Assist the coaches in building team and community through participation by attending team events, track meets, and support of the athletes.
    • Demonstrate support for their student/athlete by attending as many home and away meets as possible.

    Boys Track
    Track and Field is comprised of many events that require athletes to learn specialized skills and techniques to compete on a high level.  Some events test an athlete's speed while others test his endurance.  There are relays that require four athletes to work together as a cohesive unit in order to succeed.  The hurdle events test an athlete's speed and jumping ability.  The field events include the long jump, triple jump and high jump.  The pole vault requires an athlete to use a pole to propel himself into the air and over a bar.  The shot put involves heaving a 4 kilogram ball as far as possible while the discus involves hurling a metal disc through the air over a long distance.    

    The Waller Jr. High Track and Field program has a long and proud tradition of excellence.  We have won many district championships and had many athletes go on to compete in track and field at the high school level.  We believe that there is no substitute for hard work and setting high expectations for all our athletes.  

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